Artists don’t always have the same first idea of a painting and the final result.  When an artist writes, he is alone with his thoughts and feelings, which also become part of his work, charges it with their energy.  And sometimes it happens that during the painting of the picture, the artist's vision changes, and with it the original meaning of the picture changes.

  The original idea of creating this painting was "touch to nature", through the imprint of a human hand in the center of the circle.  An important role would be played in the material on which the picture is written - wood.


But the end result was a different idea.  in the center of the circle is what everyone knows, explainable, clearly, in a sense, absolute knowledge.  Outside the circle - feelings, sensations, there may be something supernatural, something that everyone encountered, but did not tell anyone about it, that is, figurative-visual or conceptual perception, these are kinesthetically experienced perceptions of events and states of the human life world.


Акрил на фанере

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