Eucalyptus is an amazing tree. His thirst for life is amazing. Eucalyptus is resistant to long-term flooding conditions, and when the water dries up in summer, the root system wakes up quickly and the tree absorbs water from the depths of the earth. This opportunity for him to grow in the most extreme conditions is amazing.
The thirst for life of eucalyptus is amazing. Because after cutting down the tree is renewed from the stump. In recent years, many people walking in national parks and reserves have noticed that there are many huge stumps and many eucalyptus trees, old trees that grew in parks, have been cut down. Instead of shady groves, only bare stumps remained. It is not only the type of terrain where eucalyptus trees are being cut that is changing. According to beekeepers, in those places where eucalyptus trees are cut, beekeeping suffers a lot. It should be emphasized that eucalyptus is an important source of pollen and nectar for bees... I suggest thinking about the fact that there are still living beings who really like to use eucalyptus trees.  
And birds, eucalyptus trees for birds, are nests, observation towers, places of rest, places for communication, and places for overnight stays. 

Eucalyptus, a tree originating from Australia, has turned into a tree popular all over the world. 

Let's save him. 


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